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Git Commands



git submodule sync


git submodule update --remote

Git Tag

  1. Checkout the tag (a Detached HEAD)

    git checkout tag/v1.1
  2. Create and Checkout a branch off that tag (i.e. Branching off the tag)

    git checkout -b my-tagged-branch
  3. Push to the remote branch.

    git push  -u origin my-tagged-branch
    If needed merge branch into other branches that need the change (in case of a bug fix for example)

  4. While still on my-tagged-branch, Delete the tag

    git tag -d v1.1
  5. Create the tag again: This will "move" the tag to point to your latest commit on that branch

    git tag v1.1

  6. Delete the tag on remote

    git push origin :v1.1
  7. Create the tag on remote

    git push origin v1.1


  1. Change remote orgin git remote set-url origin